Visitors & Going out – enabled

Purpose built cabin for testing visitorsCovid-19


Westdale care home has the highest standards of care and protection against Covid-19 and this includes:

  • Well established procedures for staff, from entry to the building to strict use of PPE,
  • Two types of testing for staff (full tests sent to a lab once a week and rapid tests in house twice a week)
  • Regular testing for residents (once a month for those that would like this service)
  • 100% of staff and residents have had both vaccinations against Covid-19
  • Great housekeeping and dedicated infection control staff ensuring highest standards
  • Visitor policy and procedures:
    • One visitor a day and up to five regular (named) visitors
    • Rapid testing for Covid-19 before entering the building –  purpose built cabin to the side of the main home for comfortable 20-30 minute wait for results (wi-fi available)
    • Dedicated room in the main home with purpose built screen and comfortable, clean environment
    • One visitor per day in a designated garden area (see picture below) with a lateral flow test.
  • Support to access community when needed including health care and walks for exercise and families welcome to go out with residents (arrangements made in partnership with the care manager to assess individual risks and ways to keep safe).
  • Planned excursions with the home with specific plans to stay safe.
  • Tuck shop in house with requests for personal items
  • Entertainment and in house social events/activities for mental health and well being
  • Weekly chair exercise group
  • Online Zoom events including music, poetry and religious services
  • Apple tablets for residents use including support to ‘face time’.
  • Great food! Because that always helps!

Suggestions and ideas always welcome, residents have regular meetings to help develop quality of life in lock down.