Visitors welcome

Purpose built cabin for testing visitorsCovid-19


Westdale care home has the highest standards of care and protection against Covid-19 and this includes:

  • Well established procedures for staff, from entry to the building to strict use of PPE,
  • Two types of testing for staff (full tests sent to a lab once a week and rapid tests in house twice a week)
  • Regular testing for residents (once a month for those that would like this service)
  • Over 90% of staff have been vaccinated against Covid-19
  • Great housekeeping and dedicated infection control staff ensuring highest standards
  • Visitor policy and procedures:
    • Up to two constant visitors
    • Rapid testing for Covid-19 before entering the building –  purpose built cabin to the side of the main home for comfortable 20-30 minute wait for results (wi-fi available)
    • Dedicated room in the main home with purpose built screen and comfortable, clean environment
  • Support to access community when needed including health care and walks for exercise
  • Tuck shop in house with requests for personal items
  • Entertainment and in house social events/activities for mental health and well being
  • Weekly chair exercise group
  • Online Zoom events including music, poetry and religious services
  • Apple tablets for residents use including support to ‘face time’.
  • Great food! Because that always helps!

Suggestions and ideas always welcome, residents have regular meetings to help develop quality of life in lock down.