Quaker roots

As life goes on, and the body gets a little tired, we must consider how best to care for ourselves or seek support for our loved ones. There is a very special place, called Westdale Care Home, in West Bridgford for people who choose not to manage their own household anymore but would like a fun and full life with a little extra help. Unobtrusive support and personal privacy and dignity are highly valued.


Westdale was founded by a Quaker charity in 1966 and as might be expected it has an atmosphere of cheerful and friendly peacefulness. With just 17 rooms, it is based in a large, gracious Edwardian house within walking distance of shops, Trent Bridge Cricket Club and the West Bridgford town centre. Westdale enjoys quiet, spacious gardens and lots of parking space for visitors.

Westdale Care Home welcomes all people over 65, of all faiths and none; the Quaker influence is predominantly through a trustee committee who ensure that the spiritual, intellectual, emotional, material and physical welfare of those in Westdale’s care, including the staff, is given prayerful consideration.



We do not run for profit and continue to follow the values of the Quakers:

  • Equality and justice
  • Truth & integrity
  • Peace
  • Simplicity and sustainability

Neither residents nor employees are expected to be Quakers, however we aim for the Quaker values to be the basis for a truly person centered service. All faiths and personal beliefs are valued and respected.

If you would like to know more about the Quakers then please visit Quakers in Britain https://www.quaker.org.uk/










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